1.         This prospectus supersedes previous editions in all aspect.
2.         No Fees or Part of Fees will be refunded if the student leaves the Institution after the admission or during the courses, due to any reason what so ever it             may be.
3.         Rights of admission is reserved.
4.         Formation of Unions/Association of students is not allowed.
5.         Wearing of prescribed uniform during theory and practical training is compulsory.
6.         Students admitted to the course must join their classes on the prescribed date intimated by post.
7.         All leave application must be in writing to the Principal of the institute.
8.         A student must have 80% attendance at the end of the course as laid down by the “U.P. State Medical Faculty” regulation to be eligible for appearance in the             annual examination.
9.         The attendance for clinical subject should be atleast 80% of the total clinical hour then only she/he will be eligible to appear in the examination.
10.       Class examination will be held on each 2nd Saturday. Attendance for that examination is compulsory. Marks obtained in these examinations and in day to day             work will be taken into account towards the annual examination.
11.       Every student must observed the rules of the Institute, failing which his/her name is liable to be removed by the chairman/administrator from the roll of the                   institute.
12.       Students are expected to take proper care of the movable and immovable properties of the Institute and if any damage is caused to the property as disfiguring of             walls door fittings, breaking of furniture and laboratory or hospital instruments etc. will be considered as indiscipline and action will be taken duly punished.             The students may be charged for loss or damage to property or equipment caused by his/her carelessness, negligence or misuse. If the damage is done                   intentionally, disciplinary action, rustication of students can be ordered by the chairman/Administrator of the Institute.
13.       Use of alcohol or any intoxicants or narcotics are not allowed in the premises of the Institute and hostel. The student can be rusticated if found using any of the             said substances.



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