Introduction :-

       In India there is a great deficiency of trained paramedical staff. Lack of trained personal has led to vacancies in different sectors of health department, with at places, appointments of untrained Paramedicals this is illegal especially because one is playing with lives of patients.
       To fulfill the deficiencies and to support the government & other bodies related to health in their aim to achieve maximum level of health for all and to aid different National programmes for health, Prarna Utthan Samiti (Reg.) setup an institute by the name of Bareilly Institute of Paramedical Sciences, 12th Km.Stone Pilibhit Road, Bareilly. The institute is affiliated with U.P. State Medical Faculty, Lucknow & recognized by UP Govt. and is running different paramedical course. Diploma in Optometry, Diploma in Physiotherapy & Diploma in Dental Technician. These all course are recognized by the State Government.

       The details of the course are given under separate heading according to their course code number allotted. These courses are indentified as follows
S.No.  Name of Course       No. of Seats  Course Code
Diploma in Physiotherapy
Diploma in Optometry 


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